The Honeybee model for mobile crowd computing

My PhD thesis deals with distributed computing on mobile devices. To be more specific, my dissertation investigates work sharing on a mobile crowd, i.e., sharing work with other mobile devices in the vicinity via short-range links such as Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth.

My definition of a mobile crowd is a group of mobile devices that are autonomous (each device is free to move away/ disconnect randomly), and are connected to each other via short-range links (without Wi-Fi or a data connection).

The focus of my doctoral research has been on developing a method to enable efficient work sharing in such a mobile crowd while giving performance gains, energy savings and supporting mobility. My work sharing method is called the Honeybee model, and is based on the well-known work stealing algorithm.

Distributed Mandelbrot app
A proof-of-concept Android app developed using the Honeybee API has been deployed in Google Play. You can view it here :

More information about running this app can be found here.